Your company is facing new, big tasks, needs legal support and guidance. I will find a way for you.

Whether for capacity reasons or because an in-house lawyer is not (yet) available: if your company needs external legal support, I will be of assistance.

Business and trade relations need clear rules. These must be negotiated between the partners. Common understanding of the matter and a fair balance of interests must be found. This is my daily business, whether in IT and technology projects or international cooperation and supply agreements.

I will make use of this for you, selectively in individual projects or as part of an ongoing consulting partnership. Acting as an “extended workbench”, your in-house lawyers may order tailor-made in-house work, or I operate as an outsourced legal department.


  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • general civil and commercial law
  • drafting General Terms and Conditions
  • distribution agreements, supply agreements

Legal Support

  • selective or long-term support of your company (“extended workbench”)
  • (partial) assumption of the functions of a legal department
  • control of external legal specialists
  • use of my network of legal specialists in all fields of law