Direct communication is a prerequisite, clear language a must, knowledge of the company is essential.

Let’s meet. Show me your company, your project, your way of thinking and your objectives. Then we will achieve results that are a perfect fit and that you can use right away. I will contribute the legal expertise and the tools, you contribute your ideas. Together we will create new opportunities and added value for you.

It does not matter whether it’s for a single project or for long-term collaboration: Getting to know each other personally makes sense. This way, I will understand your business, your business idea, your team and what is important to you. You will learn how I am approaching legal issues, how I prepare results and what additional benefit my involvement will have for you.

I will gladly visit you personally for an initial meeting, entirely without obligation and free of charge. Of course, this can also be arranged by video conference or on the telephone. Only after that you will make your decision.

Ideally, you will not only consider me an external service provider who makes contributions on a selective basis, detached from the rest of the team, but rather as a sparring partner for your plans and projects. Thinking through projects, questions and problems jointly and finding out what is feasible will lead to achieving your goals faster. Without long-winding reports and empty texts.

Invoices will be sent monthly on an hourly basis, in 6-minute increments and with comprehensive reports. Transparency and clear fee agreements give you full control over costs. Where applicable, budgets, flat fees, volume discounts etc. may be agreed in individual cases. There are no surprises.